Assembly Technologies
This means: innovation, development and application of new technologies. We think and act in terms of solutions; with engineering playing a key role. The Grauel machines are modular, thus retaining a high residual value and if required they can be simply adjusted for other products. With knowledge and proven technology we rapidly supply reliable and stable assembly machines.

Grauel has a number of proprietary products in the area of product handling, feeding- and assembly technology.

Your optimal assembly machines?
That starts with the right mindset: Grauel!

A selection of Grauel's assembly technologies:

- feeding
- welding
- vision inspection
- leak testing
- cutting and punching
- labelling
- packing
- screwing
- capping
- buffering
- tube winding

Do you have a questions regarding these technologies? Please feel free to contact us.
Building machinery:
it forms part of our DNA.