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William Pijnenburg 1957 - 2016
Tuesday evening 05th July at his living place Helmond at home AAE managing director and owner William Pijnenburg has passed away. Wednesday morning the whole employé(e)s are informed. Although we knew that he was ill for some time, the death had surprised all of us a lot. Because of his death we loose a competent managing director, who would have done all his best for the welfare and the development of the AAE employé(e)s for a lot of years. With William we also miss a good friend, whos warmth, modesty and humanity we reluctantly will miss.

Who loves the life has to look in the dead’s eye, too. How difficult this is, we now experience again. A man, in the prime of life, who was in a phase, where he should harvest what has been seed as result of a lot of diligence and engagement during a long series of years. A mentality which he became from home, from his parents, who together lead a farm in Vught.

William has worked with his talents which have been given to him. He took care that AAE was and is a reflection of society. His motto “Make sure that you are doing more good than mistakes and learn from your mistakes” should be honoured forever by us. He preached continually the quality of good training for young people so that they can be shaped and become high quality craftsmen in spé.

Our thoughts during this sad time are with his wife Marianne and the children Manon, Mark and Koen, who will proceed the lifework of William in his spirit: to go for the continuity of the company and to save the human capital.

For William Pijnenburg will rest in peace.