Grauel Robotics, Inspection and Tray loading / unloading!
Recently Grauel developed a fully automatic inspection machine for a variety of tubes. The tubes are supplied to the automation on standardized trays. A Robot loads the tubes from the tray onto the LCS indexing precision chain for visual inspection. After the inspection the tubes are offloaded into trays again. A full tray is automatically transported to the next automation and an empty tray is offered automatically for loading.
On K-2013, Grauel shows the latest developments on high speed syringe printing, visual inspection and assembly. Do you have an automation or printing question? Please ask us. We are looking forward to meet you!
Our next step in micro laser processing
Hall 04, Booth 49. That is where you can find us at K-2013.

We are pleased to meet you at K-2013 from 16. - 23. October in Düsseldorf. Please click here, to schedule an appointment with the Grauel team on the show.

In September 2013, we installed a second micro laser process machine in our business unit high precision parts.

The Trulasercell 3010 is an addition on our existing capabilities. This machine offers us the ability to work with 5 axis simultaneously with welding spots of 100 microns only.

Grauel Insider October 2013
Grauel at K-Show 2013 Düsseldorf!