Grauel introcudes the parts washer!
During this period the service desk for calamities will be available on the Grauel phone number +31 492 565010. B. Grauel GmbH, in Berlin will be opened as normal for the deliveries of your consumables.
Indeed, the summer holidays are coming. Time to enjoy the sun, relax and reload that battery... We would like to draw your attention that Grauel International bv in Helmond will be closed in week 30 and 31, (July 28th to August 8th).
Grauel Insider July 2014
Summer holidays are coming!
The Grauel parts washer is a cost-efficient and fully automatic washing machine for the printing industry. The quick and gentle cleaning process will clean all ink types. The machine is automatic, which gives a quick and efficient cleaning of the various parts like blades, ink cups, doctors, clichés, ink chambers etc.

Before Washing
OMNI-PLUS, a great new Grauel Cleaner
Recently Grauel introduced a new cleaner. OMNI-PLUS. With this new product you can clean all ink polluted parts within a few swipes. OMNI-PLUS has a high flame point and is easy to use. Just spray OMNI-PLUS on your printing rollers or ink cups and within seconds OMNI-PLUS starts to drip, taking the printing ink down. OMNI-PLUS can be very well used in combination with the Grauel automatic parts washer. Please contact us for additional product info or a sample. We hope to talk to you soon!
After Washing