Grauel Insider February 2016
On this year’s Pharmapack, Grauel will proudly present its new mechanical pad print automation concept IC-60!

This heavy duty, cam driven, ultra-accurate and high speed pad print unit has especially been developed by Grauel to meet today’s automation demands for fully automatic high volume automations.

Grauel Innovations @Pharmapack 2016 in Paris
With a print accuracy of +/- 0.01 mm. and a cliché positioning system in x,y, and phi, the Grauel IC-60 is the ideal pad-print module for sustainable, high quality and high precision printing.

In the Grauel automation platform the IC-60 can be driven by a single motor or be connected to the central cam shaft.

On its pad print automations, Grauel offers vision inspections systems and temperature monitored hot air ovens.

For more information, please call Grauel +31 492 565 010, or visit the show in Paris! We hope to meet you there.
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